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The Prism Gallery of Projects

The Huffman Building

72 Loft Apartments

Built in 1916 and renovated in 2019, this early 20th-century structure stands at the core of the Fire Blocks in Dayton, Ohio. Known as Huffman Lofts, the building serves as a cornerstone for lifestyle development in the District, housing 72 urban loft apartments.

The Elks Lofts

Five-Story Rehabilitation of a Century Old Structure

Located on the southeast corner of East Third and South Jefferson street, The Elks Buiding is the gateway to the Dayton Fire Blocks District.  It was  constructed in 1915-16 and rehabilitated in 2021.

Graphic Arts Lofts

20 Luxury Apartment Units

In 2009, this property earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Fast forward to 2020, it underwent a comprehensive redevelopment, transforming into 20 luxurious apartment units showcasing contemporary designs and finishes.

Grafton House

12 Private Residences

Constructed in 1969 and rehabilitated in 2020, Grafton House in Dayton, Ohio houses a collection of 12 private residences, each exceeding 1200 square feet. 

Home Telephone Building

19 Luxury Apartment Units

The Home Telephone Building was built for the Ohio State Telephone Co. in 1915.  The Price Stores occupied the building starting from 1952 until 2020. The property was redeveloped in 2022 to include 19 luxury apartments on the upper floors with commercial space on the first floor.

Coming Soon

Grant-Deneau Tower

160 Luxury Apartments

The 22 story Mid-Century Modern Grant-Deneau Tower was the first modern commercial high rise in downtown Dayton.  Originally built in 1970, it is now being repurposed as mixed residential, commercial space that will include 160 luxury apartments, and will be one of the first commercial to residential conversions in the State of Ohio.